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Digital Marketing What will be the discussion about digital marketing?

Digital marketing is all about earning money online through different accounts on different platforms and setting it up is that you first need to know about digital marketing and how to do marketing though.




If you have opened today’s post, I request you to complete today’s post then you will know everything about digital marketing and if you have no experience and don’t know about digital marketing then you will not understand anything so I will help you. Request that it is for marketing and promotion

There are some digital marketing now opening accounts through different platforms then earning some money online or opening accounts to clients like google play someone has started and there are facebook pages there are youtube channels and many more. there is something




You can earn a lot of money through online platform. In most cases, it has been seen that many kgs are taken by many cells. Usually, these courses do not understand anything, but they cannot work, so first you need to get an idea about something and if you search for something, you can earn easily. You can learn about this, then you are online


By doing digital marketing through online marketplace then you have to earn some money but you can’t do anything else. Not that how to do digital marketing how to do it


There are several sources through digital marketing through which you have to do it with a computer but first you need to have a computer or a laptop. Can’t do it if you don’t have a small laptop, no use




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