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Detailed discussion on Kashmir in Kashmir.

In today’s post we will discuss about Kashmir what is through Kashmir because where Kashmir is located,Details will be discussed in today’s post




If you read today’s post completely then you will definitely understand about Kashmir What crops are grown through Kashmir What are crops grown through Kashmir Generally we all have heard the name Kashmir but don’t know about Kashmir What is grown through Kashmir and how crops are called and in Kashmir what is the temperature




Kashmir will be discussed in detail everyone please read the complete post everyone please read this post today complete then you will get A to Z knowledge or A to Z idea about Kashmir and there are some places through Kashmir which are very beautiful places. Where a lot of people come to travel or roam from different countries it is called Kashmir.





There are places through Kashmir where only finger oranges then apples then different results but are there fruits and flowers as many types of food are available here but are available ok.



But here they usually occur and more are observed in other places but this result is not reported because here the temperature is very cold. Kashmir was once East Pakistan but now it is not under Pakistan



India is very brave and trying very hard to force it from them but this Kashmir would not have been occupied by Bangladesh but there are some results through this Kashmir due to which it will survive or through this Kashmir these results are sold. or through different countries




If a quiet fruit falls this fruit is not so easily spoiled but very late but hard as we know


It takes 90 days or three to four months to ripen a fruit, but the fruit rots in this Kashmir because the temperature is so low or the temperature is so cold that it is like a refrigerator, but the fruits are spoiled. Do not want to reach for a long time



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