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A detailed discussion on why younger girls marry older boys today

A detailed discussion on why younger girls marry older boys toda


Currently, people in different countries in Bangladesh have seen that girls are getting married at a very young age



Because they also know that from the unemployed boys they know that those who have jobs and money have wealth and property, if they marry big boys, they can live a happy and peaceful life, but they don’t marry poor people so easily and none of the unemployed boys get married.does not




At present the situation is so greedy or so many girls are clever they never knowingly want to marry an unemployed boy they always



What u usually hear by bie shaadi means in one word biya shadi means a lot but now people do that biya sadikai do biya sadi mean a lot of people but through this bs they are adamant but they never do it. If not, I would say that the matter of wedding dress is a little different, something like that




Women nowadays usually don’t like young guys who have money and he is older but those guys are usually married and they usually reveal about the money. In that case, they are usually married




As per the current situation it can be said that a lot of people but now girls don’t like boys they prefer to marry older people and those who have a lot of money but only because they are with them.



After marrying for a long time but they don’t have a specific age anymore then after embezzling money then after some time they leave them and marry another boy with money that is the main purpose but they have no other purpose this was today’s post If you understand something by reading then surely you will share it with more friends and they will also know about this and be careful.


An incident happened through Jan Bangladesh. Mostak and Tisha. Mostak and Tisha. But to say that Mostak has been married two or four times and Tisha has not married Tisha. But he married a student and has a son


Now I will say that Mosta Keman Tisha has different types of yaa and their love tension is high and the two are united but happy in married life and passing the family.



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